Azabu juban Personal Training Gym | Price

Our pricing is very simple


We accept cash only

・Personal lesson

1 hour................¥7000

 On the first day, we give you counseling. 

After giving counseling, if our facility, method and atmosphere aren't what you are looking for, there is no charge.

If that is the case, please don't hesitate to tell us. 

We can give you a trial lesson after counseling.

・Trial lesson (on the first day only)


We can't give it on the other day.

After finish working out, if you can continue working out with us and buy the 8 times thicket on the day, trial fee (\5000) is no charge.

.8 times coupon


 If you buy 8 lesson pack, we can extend each lesson 30 minutes for an extra ¥3000


If you have an injury or some problems on your body and if our staff thinks it's kind of serious, we can't give you a lesson.

 We are always polite, honest, and kind.

Please come for a trial lesson at your convenience.

We accept cash only.