Azabujuban Personal Training | FAQ's


These are some questions some of my clients have when coming to train. If you have any other questions, please don't hastate to e-mail me.

1. I'm a woman. Will I get a muscular body like a body builder if i lift too many weights?

The method of training women to lose weight and get in shape is different than the method for training men to gain muscle. In addition to that, the quantity of testosterone in women is much less than in men, so this stops women from gaining muscle. By weight training twice a week, it's almost impossible for a woman to look like a body builder, unless they are on a special diet and lifting using a certain method. So you don't have to worry about losing your womanly figure by weight training. You will only lose weight!


2. I workout, but I don't know what to eat to lose weight. How can you help me?

As part of your training, if you like, I will explain what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. This is included in the price. I don't give extreme diet advice, just practical eating plans and adjustments, so don't worry. If at any time you have a question about what to eat, you can simply email me or send me a message, and I'll write you back with the answer!


3. I want to get bigger muscles, not lose weight. Can you help me?

Of course! I'll give you a diet that is different from those that want to lose weight. Your exercise will be very different from dieter's exercise, such as changing the amount of weight, the number of sets, and the type of exercise. We use free weights up to 140kgs for barbell and 41kgs dumbells. With free weight training, the movement is not set. We can move in many directions targeting many parts of the muscle, resulting in quicker results.


4. I'm getting married in 3 months and I need to get in shape fast! Do you have a special plan?

I usually don't recommend reducing too much weight within a short period of time, because the risk of gaining the weight back is high. But if you are in a hurry for a special event, I can help you. Exercising is important, but more importantly is what you eat. If you follow the meal plan, and exercise twice per week, you can lose the weight by your event date.


5. I have a cold / fever. Can I still come in for a workout?

In an effort to cut down on transmitting illness to other clients, please refrain from coming in if you have a cold or fever.


6. I have an event right after the training session. Is there a place for me to freshen up?

We have a shower room and you are free to use it! However, we don't provide soap or a towel, so please prepare these things yourself.

 If you take a shower, we request that you still stick to the 60 minute time limit per ticket, so we will cut the lesson time to about 40-50 minutes (depending on what you request) so that you have time to freshen up.


7. I'm pregnant. Can I workout here?

Unfortunately, I'm not certified to make a workout plan for pregnant women. I can help you get into shape after you have the baby.

8. How long can I workout with one workout ticket?

Workout sessions are for 60 minutes, including changing clothes and taking a shower if you wish. Please keep this in mind as a courtesy to the other clients.


9. Can I workout with my friend / partner?

You can bring your friend or partner with you on the first trial lesson! However, since this is a micro gym, it is not allowed after the first meeting, because there is not enough space.


10. Can you come to my gym in my house / apartment etc. to train me?

Unfortunately, I only give lessons at the main store in Azabu.