Body Making Box Policy

Listed below are the rules of the gym.

Body Making Box rules

By participating in the training, we understand that you have agreed to our policy.

Please review it before your next visit.

1.Who it applies to

It applies to people who use our facility.


For all users to use this facility comfortably.


3.Enrollment Qualification

a. Person who hasn't been stopped from working our or taking a bath by a doctor.


b. Women who aren't pregnant.


c. Is not an gang member.


4.Enrollment procedures

a. Fill out the counselling sheet, disclaimer sheet, then the enrollment procedures are finished.


b. If the information which you filled out has changed, please let us know as soon as possible.



a. We don't have any entrance fees or monthly fees.


b. Please pay the fee before your session. We are sorry, but only cash is excepted, no credit cards.


c. You can pay for the training coupon after filling out the enrollment documents. The expiration date is six months after paying for the coupon. You can use the coupon on the day that you paid.


d. We don't give out physical tickets. We check each workout day and please check yourself, too to avoid misunderstandings.


e. Only the person who is enrolled can use the coupon.


f. Expired coupons cannot be used.


g. If you need to cancel or change the time of your session, please let us know the day before by 17:00. We can accept a last minute cancellation only one time. If you cancel a session on the same day or right before lesson, it is unfit to other clients. In this case, we will have to terminate your contract without returning the fee.


h. Once your number of sessions have been used up, please pay for the next sessions before starting them. We will give you notice when your paid sessions start to run out.


6.Prohabited items

a. Not keeping our policy.


b. Slandering or being violent against another client or our staff.


c. Using profane language and shouting at another client or staff member.


d. Throwing or breaking the equipment out of anger.


e. Bringing knives, drugs, starting fires or any other hazardous items.


f. Soliciting.


g. Committing illegal actions on the premises.


h. No showing to appointments without letting us know several times.


If we close this facility, we will tell you at least one month before. If we close here, we will pay back your remaining sessions.


a. Inclement weather


b. Facility maintenance


c. Some public holidays, such as golden week, summer holidays, and New Year's.(We are not closed every holiday, but we will inform you of the days that we are closed)


d. Seminars for the staff.

8.Limited users

You may not use the gym while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or any medication or other substance which may affect your ability to exercise safely, or if a doctor has advised you not to workout, or if you have a communicable disease(i.e. influenza, cold, etc.) Please reschedule.


In order to avoid misunderstandings, all reservations are to be made through our website.

10.The workout

Our training is 60 minutes, including the time taken to change clothes. We have a shower available to use, so please let us know it you would like to use it. In that case, we willed the training 10 minutes earlier to gibe you time to freshen up.


It is important to end the lesson on time, in order to thoroughly clean and prepare the gym for the next user.