Azabujuban Personal Gym|Beginners

Please bring your inside shoes for working out at Body Making Box

 You don't have to worry about someone's eyes and noise.

 You can relax and concentrate on your workout.


For Beginners Workout

Triceps kick back

We are completely private facility so, you don't have to worry about anyone chatting or peeping.

 When we hear the word "personal training", sometimes it makes you nervous but, you don't have to be.

 Our trainers are sensitive and understanding.


Diet and weight training are not related to being good at sports or not, and if you train according the proper method, everybody can get fit.

 In the beginning, we help you determine your shape, then we give you some advice for your diet.

 If you would like to workout at another gym independently, we can make a training menu for you to follow.

 When you start working out here, we record your training every time and check it carefully and make the workout plan deciding the weight and number of sets.

 We will give you advice for what you can eat what you shouldn't eat to reach your goals.

Diet Training For Beginners

Push up

At the beginning, we won't gibe you heavy weights and we will give you many reps to help you learn the correct form also, you will learn what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, then slowly correct your diet habits.

 We will then increase the intensity of training depending on your comfort level and goals.


Many kinds of vegetables

Diet is the most important part of losing weight.

 If you reduce your food intake & cut carb, of course you can reduce weight but, the possibility for rebound will be increased.

(If you don't care about your body shape and just want to reduce weight it's not always wrong)

 People who want to reduce weight as soon as possible, people who don't want their rebound, people who are difficult to control their diet because or work and so on, we will give your proper custom diet advice.

Building Muscle For Beginners

The beginners workout

Free weight space in the gym is very often occupied.

 Therefore, we often hesitate to go into the space.

 If you want to build up, we strongly recommend you train with free weight but, free  weight training is more difficult  than machine training because the range of motion is fixed, therefore limited.

 Beginners need to use the proper form.

EZ bar at Body Making Box in Azabujuban

This is difficult to achieve , so the potential for injury is increased.

 It is also difficult to know how much weight and how many times to do the excise.

Don't take these risks, go the most efficient way with personal trainer.

Our facility is completely private so, you don't have to wait to use popular equipment such as the bench press.

You will not waste time and will not get stress.