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The recommended diet at Body Making Box in Azabujuban

The shortest way to reach your ideal body shape is change your daily diet.

How to change the diet

When we start workout, we should learn nutrition to take the shortest way for your goal.

Diet is the most important part of body sculpting.
It's absolutely necessary to change your diet.
This page is our very basic diet method.
We will give you more information while giving a lesson.


First, make small changes


It depends on you ideal body shape but, you shouldn't try to change it all at once.

Try to change it slowly then you will be able to continue and adapt to it.

 Let's learn about the three major nutrition's slowly.

Then you will automatically know what you should eat or not for body shaping.

About diets

Body shape

The basics are simple;
Consume calories > adding calories.
We can't say one method is 100% right or 100% wrong.
From a nutritional standpoint, sometimes we see completely wrong diet information. There are so many ways to reduce weight and since everyone is different, one method of losing weight may be better for you. However the basics of calories in being less than calories out is what makes you lose weight.


Too tight

If you take in a low amount of calories, you can reduce weight but if you just cut food, it's wrong.
If you loose weight quickly, of course you will get slimmer and you will go down a clothing size. You may think you are reaching your goal but, you are mistaken.
If you do it for long time , you will loose muscle, too, and you shape will be just puny, without a nice form.
muscle consumes a lot of energy.

If you lose muscle, you will lose your metabolism, too.

Therefore, it will be easy to gain weight back.
It's the rebound system.

Try not to reduce your muscle


If you reduce your food a lot, it's impossible to continue forever.
Your diet will be back to your usual diet one day.

If your muscle is reduced you will get fat much easier than before you started dieting.
We can't say exactly, because it depends on your starting weight, but one good rule of thumb is to lose no more than 3kgs per month.
If you reduce more than that you are not loosing only fat, you are loosing muscle, too.


Chicken is good as the protein
Protein powder

 Try not to reduce muscle; let's aim on just reducing fat.

You should understand three big nutrition .

 protein, fats, and carbs; then should know your metabolism, maintenance calories and land mark calories for reducing fat.

How to eat

For example, you make thing eating only soba for lunch is a good way to reduce weight. However, eating too many carbs and not enough proteins and fiber along with it, causes your glucose levels to spike too quickly. This makes you crave more carbs shortly after eating, leading to binge eating on unhealthy meals.