Azabujuban Personal Gym | Facility

100 days diet at Body Making Box in Azabujuban

Our facility is enough to change our body shape like this

We carefully selected our facility

We don't use the facility just for good looking and the machines which is used by bodybuilder.

We chose the facility for regular diet, shape up and building muscle so, we offer affordable personal training at the completely private space.

We mainly use free weight

We mainly use free weight such as barbells and dumbbells.

Why we recomend free weight training

If you want to build up, we strongly recommend you train with free weight but ,free weight training is more difficult than machine training because the range of motion is fixed.

Beginners need to use the proper form.

 This is difficult to achieve, so the potential for injury is increased.

 It is also difficult to know how much weight and how many times to do the excise.

 You shouldn't take these risks, go the most efficient way with personal trainer.

Our Facility

We use these equipment here

Barbells, plates

Free weight plates
Free weight plates 2

We can efficiently train arms, shoulders, back, chest, legs, hip and so on.

Barbell 2

1.25kg plates 4

2.5kg plates 4

5kg plates 2

7.5kg plates 2

10kg plates 2

15kg plates 2

20kg plates 2

EZ bar 2




Dumbbells also we can train every parts but, range is develops so, it's more difficult than barbells to control.


Dumbbells shaft 2

2kg 2

4kg 2

6kg 2

8kg 2

10kg 2

Power brock

Power brock

We can set up to 41kg each.

For intermediate people.



Power rack

Power rack

It is used for heavy weight training such as squat and bench press safely.

※We changed the model from this photo.


Safety bar

Pull up bar

Dips bar


Preacher curl bench

preacher curl bench

Back extension bench

Back extension bench