Azabujuban Personal Gym | Training for Building Up Muscle




The key is the right load weight and taking protein for build up muscle.


Bulid up muscle


The method for building muscle as soon as possible in short term.

We teach you about the newtrition and diet for building up muscle effectively.


We will recomend you the suppuliments for your purpose (we don't sell it here. Don't worry that we never force it)

Working out at private facility


The over loads method is the basic way to build muscle.


It's very important.

You should try to over your limit but, it's too risky to do it alone.

If you try it with trainner, you don't have to worry it and we can give you forced reps.


Don't you think the power rack and bench press are always crowded at the gym?
When we go to the gym, we decide to do execrsise at power rack or bench press, they are always occpited...


We are completely private so, you don't have to wait to use popular equipment such as the bench press and power rack.


Don't have to finish using equipment and facility early for somebodys eyes.


When the gym is crowded, we can't use many equipment at once such as conpound sets and curcite training but, you can do it here.

You can do the desending sets with trainner as well.


You will not waste time and will not get stress.


If you have the experiense for working out or you can workout onece a week, we recomend you 90 minutes workout.(of course up to you)

Diet for muscle


The diet is very important for building muscle especially, protein.

There is an ideal minimum amount of intake for each person.

First of all, try not to go under the minimum amount per day.

If you try to take that amount from food, you will take unnecessary carolies too because, meats incrude fat so, supliment is better and cheaper.


When we build muscle effectively, the timming for taking protein is important too.

We will give you the advices for what to take with protein and when to take it.