Azabu juban personal training gym

Azabu juban  Personal Training Gym | Azabu Bodymaking Box

Our gym has been listed on the magazine in 2016

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Do you think personal training gyms are expensive?

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100 Days diet

We offer affordable personal training

azabujuban minatoku private gym

Our pricing is very simple.


Our facility is completely private and by appointment only.


We give nutrition/ diet advice and weight training for exercise and body shaping. We don't do rehabilitaiton or athletic sports training here.


Admission and registration fee are free. 

Why are we so affordable?

azabujuban minatoku personal gym weight

We cut unnecessary luxury interior, advertising, space, ineffective equipment.


Therefore, we can give you low cost personal training with an experienced personal trainer.


Our space is just big enouth to give training using free weights.


 We use free weights for bodymaking. 

Our characteristic

azabujuban minatoku personal gyms free weight training

Usually, training is given in groups and carried out in a big gym.


We are often concerned about others' noise and eyes, especially for ladies and beginners.


Instead of worrying about that, you can concentrate on your workout in complete privacy and 100% attention of the personal trainer.


You don't have to wait to use the equipment, either.

Azabu juban Personal Training Gym | Flow of Use

How to start working out with us





Please make a reservation from the Contact us and access form.


azabujuban minatoku personal gyms counseling

Counseling is included.

On the first day, we can give you a trial lesson after counseling.

 The trial lesson fee is ¥5000 for one hour (including counseling and changing clothes). 


Please fill out the counseling paper.




If you want to have a trial lesson, please bring workout clothes, shoes which you don't use outside, beverage and towel.

Changing Clothes

azabujuban minatoku personal gyms changing room



Please change your clothes in the changing room.

Of couse you can wear it and come too.


azabujuban minatoku personal gyms diet training for ladies



If you are a beginner, we won't give you a too hard lesson on the first day so, please don't worry and you can learn waht to eat and what not to eat slowly.

After finish working out


After finish working out, if you can continue working out with us and buy the 8 times thicket on the day, trial fee (\5000) is no charge.


Ofcourse you can go back home and decide.

Azabu juban Personal Training Gym | Trainner

azabujuban minatoku personal gym trainer
・National Training and Sports Training Association full member
・Thai government certification for Partner Yoga Trainer
・Worked at luxury gym in Yokohama
・Worked at personal gym in Tokyo
・Completed anatomy training at Chaing Mai University
Most importantly, we always try to give you a fun, effective lesson
Our method is based on nutrition, exercise physiology and experience.
We are always improving our skills to give you a shorter, effective way to get in shape.