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Why weight training for getting in shape?

Diet & Training for Getting in Shape

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Doing aerobic exercise for a long time is not the best way to reach your ideal body shape.
 Body shape is made with not fat, skin and bone.
It's only made with muscles.
 If you can increase your muscle, your metabolism also increases and it becomes easy to burn fat but, if you decrease it, your metabolism also decreases.
 "When I stopped dieting, I gained back all the weight that I lost..." Maybe you were just doing long aerobic exercise or taking in too few calories.
 If you do diet this way, you will disassemble your muscle and your body shape will be just puny.
 If you want to improve heart function and don't care much about your body shape, it's no problem, but if you need a beautiful body line and to avoid rebound, you should look for another way.
 But, aerobic exercise is not always bad for getting in shape.

How should we incorporate aerobic execrsie?


When we increase metabolism, the best way is build big muscles such as legs , back and chest.
 Of these three, legs are the best parts for that.
 If you increase leg muscles, metabolism will be increased and will consume many calories.
 We use legs for living l our life a lot everyday.


When we compare the legs which work our or not, worked out legs have more advantages for burning fat while doing aerobic exercise.
 When we heavy weight train our big muscles, fat is metabolized into free fatty acid and glycerol and they go into our blood to burn fat as energy.
 Working out big muscles first, then do aerobic exercise is the most effective way to burn fat.
 When we do aerobic exercise after workout, 30 minutes is enough and running is not necessary.

What to eat for shape up

When you want to shape up your body, of course workout is very important but eating the right food is more important.
 Even if you are working out very hard, if you don't change your diet, your body shape will never be changed.
What our trainer can do
You will be given advice not only on diet and working out, we will give you advice on how not to rebound and the way not to gain weight.
First, we will tell you your average calories which you use everyday and then tell you how much you should reduce it and how to reduce it.
Don't have to do everything from the beginning; we will encourage you to gradually incorporate the steps into your life.